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Our Approach To Missions

Lost people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to the church. Jesus made the purpose of his Mission to planet earth very clear when he said in Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” For over 30 years SLPC has been committed to exposing the congregation to God's heart for the world and developing disciples for ministry throughout the world. We are also committed to the on-going encouragement of those we have sent out to minister in many parts of the world. In addition to our international missionaries, we support a number of U.S. based missionaries and organizations that bring their unique talents and abilities to spreading the gospel.

We invite you to read the full description of our Approach to Missions by clicking here.




Justin and Danielle Larson Justin and Danielle

Cru – Orlando, FL -

Justin and Danielle currently work at Cru's headquarters (Lake Hart) in Orlando FL. Danielle is doing accounting and Justin is working in US Fund Development.

Norm and Ruth Ann Leduc

Pioneers – Orlando, FL -

Pioneers initiates church-planting movements among unreached peoples. Norm is on the Executive Team and Ruth Ann is in Member Development.


Anees and Fareda Zaka

Church Without Walls – Philadelphia

Church Without Walls is a mission among Muslims in North America and around the globe. Anees has unique opportunities to share the gospel in mosques and other Muslim gatherings where he has been invited.



Phil & Barb

Mission to the World, Asian Crescent (Indonesia to Pakistan)

Phil is regional director, responsible for establishing a resource team and developing work with national partners in those regions for church planting among Muslim peoples. Phil is a graduate of Westminster Seminary and an ordained minister in our Metro West Presbytery. Phil & Barb have three adult children: Isaac, Louisa, and Annie.

Sardar and Anila Din

Westminster Biblical Missions - Lahore, Pakistan

Sardar oversees the work at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary as well as Calvin’s Academies #1 and #3. These academies serve over 2,750 children in grades K-12. A medical clinic that serves the poor in Lahore is also under Sardar’s direction.

Rev. Byeong Lee

Rev. Byeong Lee

Mission to Chinese Seamen – Port of Philadelphia -

Byeong’s evangelical ministry reaches out to seafarers (primarily from Asian & African countries) while they are docked at the Philadelphia port. Rev. Lee spends time with the men, offering clothing and gift items at their thrift "store", internet connection and books at their library, and meals at a local fast food restaurant.


Pamoza International

Pamoza International

Malawi, Africa -

Pamoza serves communities in northern Malawi. They are involved in spreading the gospel along with improving health & education services, food security, entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship.

Ted and Dana Witmer

Ted and Dana Witmer

CrossWorld – Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo

Ted teaches Old Testament and Hebrew on the Faculty of Shalom University of Bunia and serves as the university’s Director of Development. Dana is a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics and tropical medicine and serves at Rwankole Hospital, a major referral hospital in Bunia. She also mentors radio outreach and church-based support groups as ways to disciple believers and build the Church.


Don and Michelle Don and Michelle

Middle East

Don and Michelle reside in the Middle East where they have been bringing the good news to families they connect with in their community. Don recently started a college consulting business, assisting students in applying to colleges. The consulting work gives him flexibility with his time so he has more opportunities to connect with people in other ways.

John and Terri

John and Terri

Middle East

John and Terri work with national pastors to plant churches across a large Middle Eastern metropolitan area. John also works with another national pastor writing theological materials and discipling prospective and current pastors who are planting churches in smaller cities across their country.


Shelby and Rachael Abbott Shelby and Rachael Abbott

Cru – Downingtown, PA -

Shelby is Cru’s Communications Director for the Mid-Atlantic region. Rachael is the Senior Graphic Designer for Cru in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center

Upper Darby, PA -

Amnion’s mission is to be a life-affirming resource for women, men, and families encountering an unintentional pregnancy, including grieving over past abortions, and to promote pre-marital sexual abstinence. As a crisis pregnancy center, Amnion has many opportunities to share the gospel with people from all walks of life.

Bruce Finn

Bruce Finn

PCA - Metro Philadelphia Church Planting Partnership -

Bruce is the church planting coordinator for the four presbyteries in our region: Metro West (our presbytery), Philadelphia, Eastern PA, and southern NJ. Bruce trains, coaches, and supports the local church planters in our presbyteries.


FOCUS in Philadelphia

FOCUS hosts 16 weekly Bible studies on the campuses of local private schools during the school day. These meetings are opportunities for students of no faith, seekers, and believers to study the Bible and ask questions about Christianity and faith. Snacks are provided and fellowship is encouraged.


Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Delaware County -

Brenda is the Director of CEF Delco. CEF helps churches and individuals bring the gospel to elementary school-aged kids both during the school year and in the summer.