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Young Adult

The Young Adult community at Springton Lake Presbyterian Church is made up of college students and young professionals who are working on understanding who we are in relationship to one another, to our church, and to our God.

My heart in "directing" this ministry is to see an integrative approach that moves young adults and college students into relationship with the broader church. We have often siloed "discipleship" into homogeneous generational groups that more often create small sub-ghettos partitioned from the broader life of the church. Consistently in Scripture, however, we see a methodology of mentoring and discipleship that lives within the space where the older generations passes on wisdom, knowledge, and leadership to a rising generation of people who are eager to learn and invest themselves into the life, peace, and well-being of the Church.



On the second Sunday of months during the Fall, Winter, and Spring, we grab lunch together and engage in a topic that carries our theology outside of our walls and into the world. This is usually a time to catch up, network, and to grow deeper in relationship with one another and with others from the church.

Join us for worship and volunteer for one of the various opportunities and needs of the church.

Partnering with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO)

If you are in a local college or university, we have various events and opportunities to serve in partnership with the CCO to include summer service and learning opportunities (both domestic and abroad), Spring Break opportunities, and the Jubilee Conference.

At Delaware County Community College, we currently partner with students to engage with those who are outside of the faith in conversation and friendship in hopes of seeing some won to Christ through the effectual communication of a Good King who has come to reclaim his good people to live in his good kingdom.

Many of us attend the CCO's Jubilee conference held every February in Pittsburgh, PA. It's a time of developing relationships with one another while also considering what God has called us to in our general vocation as followers of Christ, but also in our specific vocations. Jubilee provides breakout sessions on topics ranging from the graphic arts to the sciences and so much more! Sign-up will begin in the Fall. You can check out some of the conversations from Jubilee by clicking here.