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Ping Pong Tournament

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Register now at the bottom of this page! We will also accept registrations the night of the tournament.

Step up to the challenge! 

Our double-elimination 2017 Ping Pong Tournament will be held in the SLPC fellowship hall from 7-10pm, Saturday March 11th. Novice and skilled players, grades 6th through adult are allowed to compete. 

Please feel free to invite others.

~ Rules ~

Registration and Start time

  • Challengers can register as late as 7:10pm night of.
  • Once participants are registered random seeding will occur through Challonge.com random seeding.
  • Games commences at 7:17pm

Game play


  • Scoring - Games will be played to 11 points using ralley scores. Every 2nd point scored server will change and alternate throughout the game. Unless both players score 10 points each at which the expedite system will start. Expedite system requires players to alternate each serve until winner. Games can be lost on a serve.
  • Officiate - Players will officiate their own matches in the beginning rounds, any questioned points will result in redo. If players cannot agree on major dispute they will be settled by host. Game shall be won by the first player to gaining a lead of 2 point after 9 points scored.
  • Serves - As the ball falls from the servers toss it shall be struck in such a way that it touches first players court first and then, after passing over net and touches either of receiver's court. The ball should be struck in such a manner to be able to cross receiver's end line without bouncing again on court. Servers are required to serve alternating from both server's court. However, the ball does not have to be served to receiver's opposing court or server's court.
  • A let - A let will be awarded if the ball touches the net as it passes over the net. However, a point will be awarded to the receiver if the above happens consecutively by server’s serve. If the server or receiver are disturbed during serve or game play, the point will be started over.
  • Receiver - must return the serve back across the net and onto the server’s side. If either the receiver or server do not return the ball to the opponents court over net, a point is won.
  • Tables - Will be set up for the tournament. They shall not altered throughout the tournament except by host. We hope to have 5 tables, depending on sign ups.
  • Rackets - Players may use their own paddles. Addition paddles will be available.
  • Balls - will be provided by SLPC.
  • Semifinals and Finals - Games will be rally scoring to 21. Servers will switch every 2-points. Server will still alternate side of court. Games cannot be lost on a serve.

In Case of Emergency - we will walk out of building and go to bottom of the parking lot.

Registration is NOW OPEN for any 6th grade+ Participant.


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