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Community Good

Community Good consists of talks, opportunities, and experiences at Springton Lake Presbyterian Church (SLPC). Community Good addresses needs and potentials both within our faith community, but also for the communities outside our church in which we live, work, and play. SLPC’s vision is to be an authentic Gospel fellowship that follows Jesus Christ for the good of our community, region and world—for today and future generations.

Our hope is to see Community Good as a launching point for conversations within the spheres of our lives. We believe that the Gospel is not something that causes us to hope for what is far off, but that the Gospel of Jesus gives us hope in the here-and-now. As Christians, we are called to view the world realistically for what it is as fallen, but also optimistically in the resurrection hope of Jesus Christ - that He will reclaim what is His and that he is even working through us now to bring a taste of His “Kingdom come... on earth even as it is in Heaven,” even as He has promised.